Friday, April 19, 2013

Got rid of ads

I changed the free web hosting service where the examples are hosted. The old one sudden got real aggressive with ads.

The Flaczki AS3 disassembler and decompiler are also hosted there:

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Bug Fix Release

A new version of Flaczki is available. This release fixes two serious bugs. The first one essentially cripples the image update feature discussed in the previous post. The second one causes embedded audio data to be lost.

Download link

Friday, July 20, 2012

Updating Images Using Flaczki

A new feature available in version 0.3 is the updating of images. Flaczki will download a ZIP file containing PNG or JPEG files and replace images in the SWF with those stored in the archive.

The following is an example of a 3D image cube I downloaded from gotoAndPlay:

Here's the output from Flaczki:

Click this link to download the images from the original.

Click this link to download the ZIP containing the new images hosted from DropBox.

Click here for the source code.

Using this in conjunction with Flaczki's text updating feature, you can give someone with limited technical skill an easy and hassle-free way of editing a Flash-based web-site. All he has to do is open a document in his DropBox folder. Once the changes are saved, they'll be propagated automatically to the target SWF file.

New Version

Version 0.3 involves a major overhaul of the codebase. The biggest change is to the SWF parser. Whereas before the parser is only able to handle selected parts of an SWF, it is now capable of parsing the file in its entity. This will enable more advanced features to be implemented in the future.

Functionality, Flaczki works the same way as it has before. One major additional is the handling of images within a document:


Your will find the source document here at Google Docs. The source code for this example is here. The Flaczki source code can be downloaded from here.

One thing worth noting is that the image seen above is actually embedded into the SWF file. It does not reside in a separate file. The absence of dynamic loading means you can treat the TLF text object like any other static object you place on the stage. There is no danger of a blank spot appearing for a split second.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

FlopBox Module Now Fully Implemented

It's done. The new module uses Word DOCX files by default instead of Open Document. From a technical standpoint, DropBox is nice for two reasons: First, it allows donwloads in HTTP instead of HTTPS. That means update completes quicker. Second, its server emits an ETag. That means Flaczki can tell if a file has changed and only regenerate the SWF files in such a case. Google Docs doesn't give one any indication of changes on the other hand. All the work has to be done even when no edits were made to a source document.

Coverflow Example

Here's another cool example. I found the coverflow code at ProDevTips. The original demo uses JPEG files. I replaced these with SWF files. These are all updated by Flaczki in a single pass. Instead of hard-coding the file paths in swf.php, I do a scandir() on the folder containing the originals.

Click on the image below to view the demo. The scroll-bar is a little funky. The arrow keys work much better. I had the set document at Google Docs to editable for all. Feel free to make some changes and see what happens. One thing to note is that bold or italic isn't going to show up, as I have omitted embedding those version of the font.

The example can be downloaded at this link.

Friday, May 25, 2012

Page Flip Example

Here's a cool example:

The page flipping code is from

This example makes use of the FlopBox data module. The text comes from a ODT file in my DropBox public folder. The module is actually not quite done yet. I want it to use Microsoft Word as the default format and I haven't finished writing the code for handling DOCX files.

Click this link to download the source files.